Water Proofing

Waterproofing is an essential part of a structure, building and home. When a building has been erected it is vital that the waterproofing is done in accordance to the architectural plan, otherwise detrimental effects occur resulting in damage to the building, structure and personal possessions.

Tanium Waterproofing offers an efficient and quality waterproofing service with an effective long-term lasting product. Our team believes in safety and quality, thus we focus on quality control, training, testing, inspection and site management.

Our services are of highest of quality combined with efficiency and professionalism.

Balcony Membrane Waterproofing

Maybe time to get a waterproof membrane for your balcony. Even though it may go unnoticed, balconies are exposed to different types of weather over the course of a year, and water seeping into your balcony will lead to its deterioration.

If you need waterproofing for your balcony, talk to TANIUM GUTTERS. We’re here to help you with all your balcony waterproofing needs, including sheet and torch on membrane and liquid membrane waterproofing services.

Waterproofing and its maintenance is imperative in protecting your balcony. Water infiltration causes major problems and when this happens, it may compromise the integrity of the structure as a whole.

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in leak detection allowing us to choose the correct system to waterproof your balcony.

It is essential to maintain the waterproofing of a balcony due to the harmful weather conditions that it sustains and to ensure the durability of the balcony waterproofing system.

At TANIUM GUTTERS, we’ll give you the peace of mind from knowing that your balcony will have a waterproof membrane that’s built to last.

Most balconies and walkways are constructed from concrete with an asphalt waterproofing membrane, and without any protection these substrates will inevitably crack and erode.

We have developed a range of balcony waterproofing systems specifically designed to protect balconies and walkways against the challenges presented by the elements.

With satisfied customers, our collective knowledge on balcony waterproofing and restoration means we are uniquely qualified to be able to provide the expertise, quality of product and experience of a large company with the individual customer service and attention to detail of a small family owned company.

Our customers deserve value for money and should rest in the knowledge that they are dealing with professionals who, take pride in their work and treat their customers properties with care and respect.

All installations are done under qualified supervision and we cater for both residential and commercial needs. Regardless of your needs, ranging from small balcony waterproofing and repairs to large balcony waterproofing and repairs, our values and commitment remains consistent for all our clients.