Fascia & barge boards

When choosing a roofing design for your property, there are a range of additional features that you can choose to have installed for added functionality, or to improve the aesthetics of your home. One of such features is roof bargeboards; in this article, we’ve covered everything you need to know about them.



Bargeboards refer to the fascia located at the gable end or side of a roof. Used to protect the roof timbers of a building, bargeboards can also have a significant impact on the general aesthetics of the exterior of your property. Barge boards can have a large, visual impact on a home being attached as they are to a roof’s gables. Of course, this is intentional since the primary purpose of bargeboards is to make that part of the roof / building look better. Of course, they also serve a more practical function in that they cover any exposed materials and help protect them. Normally made from chromadek material, they can be matched in colour and pattern in order to suit the home.


The process of choosing your barge boards is near identical to that of choosing your fascia. There are different types, naturally, such as square, bullnose and flat. Materials available are wide and varied so you will never be stuck for choice. Maintaining your barge boards is simplicity, but a common mistake is simply placing new boards over old. This simply accelerates the deterioration of the board (in the case of wooden boards), and possibly the fascia too



A major functional benefit of bargeboards is that they will keep your roof lining dry and free of any gaps or holes around the edges of your roofing. The main benefit of adding bargeboards to your property is for aesthetic purposes, however, adding a great look and character to the roofline of the property.